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Innovation: East Asian Perspectives

This conference is organized by Prof. BAEK Moonim (Yonsei) and Christopher Hanscom (UCLA).

Saturday, January 26, 2013
9:30 AM - 5:00 PM
314 Royce Hall, UCLA


"Innovation: East Asian Perspectives” is an international and multi-disciplinary conference that aims to explore the modern period in East Asia—centered on Korea—through the keyword “innovation.”  Innovation has functioned as an ideal of enlightenment, a grammar of practice that has propelled Western modernity and underpinned a powerful “civilization and enlightenment” movement in East Asia aimed at both identifying with and at the same time actively developing a new spatial stance against the West.  "Innovation" provides insight into the debate on East Asian particularity in relation to universal modernity, and provides a framework for understanding diverse discourses (political, literary, technological, linguistic, and so on) and movements into the present day, including nationalism, capitalism, socialism, communism, democracy and imperialism, all of which ground themselves in a self-justifying grammar of innovation and ideologies of change, revolution, or liberation.  This conference proposes to call innovation into question as a means of not only understanding the modern era in Korea and East Asia but of striking a critical stance toward modernity itself.

Day 1  January 25, 2013




   Opening remarks: Shin Hyung-ki, Yonsei University
                             John Duncan, UCLA
                             Baik Young-Seo, Yonsei University
                             Seung-Hee Lee, Yonsei University


Linguistics Panels (243 Royce Hall)

  Session I :            'Humanistic' Linguistics and Multimodality

  9:50am-12:40pm    Moderator: Hyoun-Hwa Kang, Yonsei University


  Keynote speech: Yukinori Takubo, Kyoto University

  The Digital Museum Project for the Documentation of Endangered Languages:
Case of Ikema Ryukyuan


  Philosophical Implications of the 'Linguistic' and the 'Narrative' Turn

  Dae Seong Jeong, Yonsei University                  




  Language Attitudes and Identities of Korean Multi-linguals      

  Jeongeun Lee, Yonsei University


  Maximizing Negative Epistemicity and Attitude: A Corpus Study of the Korean
  Degree Adverbial Wancen(hi)      

  Don Lee, UCLA


  Discussion : Seung-Hee Lee, Yonsei University

12:40-14:00    Lunch (participants only), 306 Royce Hall

  Session 2            New Trends in the Korean Language in Multicultural Contexts

  2pm-5pm            Moderator: Sung-Ock Sohn, UCLA


  Othering in the News: a Critical Discourse Analysis of News Reporting in Korea   

  Shin Yuri, Yonsei University


  New Lexical Trend in the Early 20th Century—Focusing on Hyeondae Sineo Seogui

  Han Seung Kyu, Yonsei University


  Cultural Challenges: Korean Encounters with Foreigners since the Mid-19th
  Century and Consequential Innovations in the Country’s Greeting Culture

  Wonjung Min, Catholic University of Chile                




  Changes in Intonation Patterns in Association with Sentence-final Particles

  Jihyeon Cha, UCLA


  Discussion: Sung-Ock Sohn, UCLA

  17:00For more information, please contact:         Dinner (invited guests only)


Humanities Panels (314 Royce Hall)

  Session 3                Cold War and the Formation of Korean and Taiwan Studies

  9:50am-12:40pm     Moderator: Kim Hyunju, Yonsei University


  The Differentiation of Critical Korean Studies and the Discovery of Division             

  Sin Juback, Yonsei University


  Discourses on Division and National Culture

  Seo Eunju, Yonsei university


  Decolonizing and Universalizing History: Politics of North Korean Historiography

  Suhee Elli Kim, UCLA




  Division and Constitution of Taiwan Studies

  Tomita Akira, Tamkang University  


  Discussion : Im Chongmyong, Chonnam National University

 12:40-14:00      Lunch (participants only), 306 Royce Hall

  Session 4          Colonial Travels and Colonial Urbanity

  2pm-5pm          Moderator: Namhee Lee, UCLA


  The Beginning of Korean/Chosun Cinema and Hollywood                                       

  Baek Moonim/Kim Sangmin, Yonsei University


  Haunted by Colonialism: Yasuda Yojūrō’s Theory of National Literature and His   
  Travelogues about Colonial Korea        

  Serk-bae Suh, UCI


  The Right to Look: Colonial Subjects and Photography in 1920s of Korea

  Hieyoon Kim, UCLA




  Seoul and Heterotopia: Colonial Urbanity of the 1920s and 1930s        

  Se-Mi Oh, Univ. of Wisconsin, Madison 


  Discussion: Namhee Lee, UCLA

 17:00          Dinner (invited guests only)


Day 2  January 26, 2013

Humanities Panels (314 Royce Hall)

  Session 5                 New Perspectives on Colonial Korea and Beyond

  9:30am-12:30pm      Moderator: Kim Youngmin, Yonsei University


  A Study of the KAPF Movement around the Discourses about 'Revolution'

  Shin Hyung-ki/Park Jaeik, Yonsei University      


  Colonial Cinema and Postcolonial Archaeology 

  Nayoung Aimee Kwon, Duke University   


  Sense, Labor and Gender : Female Body Crossing the Borders in Colonial Korea

  Suh Ji Young, UBC




  An Oriental Landscape of War

  Lee Kyoung hoon, Yonsei University       


  Discussion: Kim Youngmin, Yonsei University

 12:30-14:00      Lunch (participants only)

  Session 6            Transition to Modernity at the Crossroads of Civilizations

  2pm-5pm            Moderator: Seung-Ah Lee, Los Angeles City College


  The Western Impact on 19th-century Korean Confucian: The Case of Kim Yun-sik

  Hur Kyoungin/Kim Seongeun, Yonsei University


  The Main-Land Experience of Confucians and the Ruptures on the View of
  Civilization in the Colonial Period

  Park Aekyung/Kang Hyejong, Yonsei University


  The Portraits of Su Dongpo, Material Culture, and Identity in Transition to

  Jiwon Shin, UC Berkeley




  Masculine Love, Desire, and Body in “Unyông chon” and “Sangsa-dong ki
  Janet Y. Lee, UCLA


  Discussion: Seung-Ah Lee, Los Angeles City College

  17:00         Dinner (invited guests only)


Cost : Free


Download file: innovation_2_flat-qv-yjs.pdf

Sponsor(s): Center for Korean Studies, Asian Languages & Cultures, Yonsei University's BK21 Taskforce to Train International Specialists in the Korean Language, Literature, and Culture, the Humanities Korea Research Team at the Institute of Korean Studies, and the Humanities Korea Project Team of Ilis

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