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Treacherous Subjects: Gender, Culture and Trans-Vietnamese Feminism

Book talk by Prof. Lan P. Duong, Media and Cultural Studies Department, University of California, Riverside

Friday, February 22, 2013
12:00 PM - 1:30 PM
10383 Bunche Hall
UCLA Campus
Los Angeles, CA 90095

The newly-released book, Treacherous Subjects: Gender, Culture and Trans-Vietnamese Feminism (Temple University Press, 2012), examines the postwar films and literature of the Vietnamese and diasporic communities in the United States and France. The book pivots on collaboration's dual meaning as a collective artistic endeavor or a political act of treason. Reading across three national contexts, the book situates the cultural productions of the Vietnamese and Vietnamese diaspora within a historical context of collaboration. Based on this vexed history, Treacherous Subjects delves into the cultural politics of collaboration to challenge the braided ideology of heterosexist patriarchy and nationalism that underlie denunciations or celebrations of collaborative acts. Decentering nationalist notions of loyalty and collaboration, Treacherous Subjects asserts that in collaboration lay the grounds for a feminist mode of analysis the book names trans-Vietnamese feminism.

Lan P. Duong is Associate Professor in the Media and Cultural Studies Department at UC Riverside. Dr. Duong’s second book project, "Transnational Vietnamese Cinemas: Imagining Nationhood in a Globalized Era," examines Vietnamese cinema from its inception to the present-day. Her research interests include feminist film theory, postcolonial literature, and Asian/American film and literature. Her critical works can be found in the Journal of Asian American Studies, Amerasia, Asian Cinema, Discourse, Velvet Light Trap, and the anthologies, Transnational Feminism in Film and Media and Southeast Asian Cinema. She is also a poet and has been published in Watermark, Bold Words: A Century of Asian American Poetry, Tilting the Continent, and Crab Orchard Review. She recently received a Fulbright Research Award and an Asia Research Institute Fellowship to work on her second book.

Cost : Free and open to the public.


Sponsor(s): Center for Southeast Asian Studies, Gender Studies, Department of Gender Studies, Asian American Studies Department

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