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China Onscreen Biennial: Beijing Flickers (有种) US Premiere

Part of the UCLA Confucius Institute's inaugural China Onscreen Biennial (银幕中国双年展)project, an unprecedented bicoastal collaboration among seven distinguished American educational and cultural organizations to promote US-China dialogue through the art of film. October 13-31, Los Angeles | October 26-11, Washington, DC

Tuesday, October 23, 2012
8:30 PM - 11:00 PM
Walt Disney Concert Hall Complex, 631 West 2nd Street
Los Angeles, CA 90012

Director/Producer: Zhang Yuan. Screenwriter: Zhang Yuan, Kong Ergou, Li Xinyun, Yang Yishu. Cinematographer: Zhang Yuan, Cai Tao. Production Designer: An Bin. Editor: Wu Yixiang. Sound: Zhao Bo. Composer: Liu Yijun. Cast: Duan Bowen, Lv Yulai, Shi Shi, Li Xinyun, Han Wenwen.

BEIJING FLICKERS’ screenplay is inspired by interviews Sixth Generation auteur Zhang Yuan conducted with hundreds of 20-somethings when he was working on his photography exhibition, Unspoiled Brats. (Now renamed to share the same title as the film, the photography show goes on COB display from October 20-28 at a pop-up gallery in Chinatown.) [create internal link to BEIJING FLICKERS photo exhibition]

Dumped by his girlfriend for a rich man, San Bao descends into a self-destructive spiral and meets a few other kindred souls: a drag queen addicted to cosmetic surgery and poetry; a female singer kicked out by the musicians in her band; a girl jilted by her boss/lover. Zhang (BEIJING BASTARDS) captures the vulnerability, but also the energy and romanticism of the new “lost generation” bypassed by China’s entry into the globalized market economy. – Bérénice Reynaud

HDCAM, color, Putonghua with English subtitles, 96 min.

Preceded by

West Coast Premiere


Director/Producer/Screenwriter: Sun Xun. Editor: Xu Chong, Sun Xun, Tang Bohua. Composer: Jin Shan.

Animated using woodblock prints, SOME ACTIONS uses pulsating, hallucinatory imagery to evoke a Kafkaesque atmosphere of grotesquery, anxiety and vague ideological constrictions. “I only ask questions,” says animator Sun Xun. “It’s up to the viewer to think about what he has seen. And to come up with his own answers.” – Tom Vick

HDCAM, color, 13 min. 

Sponsor(s): Confucius Institute, Center for Chinese Studies

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