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Transnational Incest: Mexican Families, Sexual Violence, and Migration

A lecture by Gloria González-López, Associate Professor, Department of Sociology, University of Texas at Austin

Friday, May 25, 2012
12:00 PM - 1:30 PM
Haines 144

UCLA Department of Sociology Irene Flecknoe Ross Lecture Series

Based on a qualitative study with 60 Mexican women and men with histories of incestuous relationships, the presentation will discuss the preliminary findings with regard to family life, incest, and sexual violence within the context of immigration. The presentation, will share preliminary reflections with regard to a process identified as “transnational incest” to examine the ways in which migration, settlement, and return migration may become part of the nuanced and complex contexts surrounding women’s and men’s experiences of incestuous experiences (both voluntary and involuntary) in Mexican society. The study and presentation will include Gloria Gonzalez-Lopez's examinations of individual interviews with more than 30 professionals offering their reflections about national (within Mexico) and international (Mexico-United States) migration-related issues, and incest and sexual violence in Mexico.

The Irene Flecknoe Ross Lecture Series is made possible by a gift from Ray Ross in memory of his wife.

Cost : Free and Open to the public


Download file: Transnational-Incest-s5-k5v.pdf

Sponsor(s): Center for Mexican Studies, Program on International Migration, Sociology

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