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China Undisciplined Graduate Student Conference Day 1

The Fifth Annual UCLA Graduate Student Conference on Chinese Studies

Friday, May 18, 2012
12:00 PM - 4:45 PM
Bunche Hall 6275, 6th Floor History Dept Conference Room

The China Undisciplined conference attracts graduate students from all research backgrounds to discuss the latest research in the China field. In particular, applicants are encouraged to submit papers that cross the disciplinary, temporal, national, cultural, social, and linguistic barriers in the imagination of China. This year there are close to 30 participants, from universities in North America, Europe, and China.

China Undisciplined

Fifth Annual UCLA Graduate Conference

on Chinese Studies

Bunche Hall, UCLA

May 18 & 19, 2012

  Click here for Final Full Program (pdf 16 pages)

Click here for Final Full Schedule in Microsoft Word


Bunche 6275, History Department Conference Room

I. Culture and materiality    12:00–1:30pm   

Discussant: Andrea Goldman        

Andrew Elmore (Stanford) “Diverse characters and New women: ideological, material, and practical aspects of Chinese script in the 1930s”

Guo Xing (UCLA) “Robes: Material Culture in the Pilgrimage of Bixia Yuanjun”

Yuan Yi (University of Utah) “The Market beyond Nationalism: Consumer Culture and the Fabric Market of Tianjin in the Early 20th Century”

Qi Tongwei (Shanghai Normal) “Picture Books in China from 1950–1966: A Snapshot”

Break 1:30–2:00pm

Concurrent panels

II. History and narrative    2:00–3:00pm (Bunche 6275)

Discussant: David Schaberg          

Evan Nicoll-Johnson (UCLA) “History in the Making: The Yangtze River Crossing of the Jin Dynasty and the Construction of Historical Narrative”

Xin Zou (Wisconsin–Madison) “Private Knowledge and Local Community in Xie Xiao’e Stories”


III. Markets and governance   3:00–4:30pm (Bunche 6275)

Discussant: Bin Wong                   

Siyu Cai (UCLA) “Foxconn's Factory Relocations in China”

Shang Li (Peking University) “The Rising and Development of American Flue-Cured Tobacco Industry along the Jiaoji Railway, 1913–1937”

Meng Zhang (UCLA) “Monetary Strategies in Northern Song China: A Case Study of Shaanxi Iron Coin Monetary Zone, 1040-1090”

Dongzhou Mei (Guanghua School of Management) “Will Exchange rate Appreciation Reduce Trade Surplus?”


IV. Economic growth and social stratification   3:00–4:15pm (Bunche 11377)

Discussant: Cameron Campbell                        

Yu Hao (UC Davis) “Social Mobility in China, 1670-2012: A Surname Study”

Thiam Chye Tay (UCLA) “Individual Perceptions of Inequality in Contemporary China: the

Role of Individual Beliefs”


V.  Classical scholarship and intellectual enterprise   3:15–4:30pm (Bunche 11377)

Discussant: Natasha Heller                     

Jing Luo (Peking University) “Far away from Home: Wang Bao and the South”

Siyu Liu  (Oxford) “The Concept of Ti Ren in Cultivation Theory of Neo-Confucianism”

Shou Jen Kuo (UC Riverside) “Lotus Sutra as a Translation Enterprise in Conveying Knowledge”

Participant Dinner    5:30pm



Bunche 6275, History Department Conference Room


Breakfast    9:00–10:00am

VI. Aesthetics 1 : Flow   10:00–11:15am

Discussant: Hanmo Zhang             

Yanlong Guo (UBC) “Dressing the Nude: Animacy and Reproductivity of the Pottery Figurines from the Yangling Mausoleum of Emperor Jing (188-141BCE) in the Western Han dynasty”

Di Luo (USC) “Tectonics, Rituals, and Aesthetics: Rationality of the Northern Song architecture conveyed by Yingzao fashi, the Order of Architecture

Yunshuang Zhang (UCLA) “Shared-enjoyment or Self-enjoyment: Reception of Sima Guang’s Dule Yuan by Paintings”


VII. Aesthetics 2 : Rift   11:15am–12:30pm

Discussant: Robert Chi                  

Hongwei Chen (University of Minnesota) ““The Electrical Hum of Silent China: Media, Voice, and Noise between Literary Revolution and Revolutionary Literature”

Hsin-chin Hsieh (University of Oregon) “Home, Memory and Boundary-crossing in Chinese Women’s Autobiography”

Guangyi Li (UCLA) “Kang Youwei and the Genesis of Modern Chinese Utopianism”


Lunch   12:30–1:30pm

VIII. Borders 1 : Early Modern   1:30–2:30pm

Discussant: John E. Wills Jr              

Guillermo Ruiz-Stovel (UCLA) “Records of Barbarian Markets:The South Fujianese Tradition of Economic Geography and Geographical Knowledge in Early Modern China”

Mårten Söderblom Saarela (Princeton) "Multilingual Phonology in the Expanding Qing Empire, 1683-1787”

IX. Borders 2 : Post-Modern   2:30–3:45

Discussant: Jinqi Ling            

Andrew Grant (UCLA) “Performativity and Territory: Complications in Performing China during the 2008 Olympic Torch Relay”

Calvin N. Ho (UCLA) “Looking up at China: language schools and class reproduction”

Michael Mikita (Xiamen University) “Reading ‘Linsinity’: The Transgressive Imagining of Jeremy Lin”

Break   3:45–4:00pm

Closing discussion   4:00–5:00pm

Participant Dinner    6:00pm 


Download file: China_Undisciplined_2012-Schedule_revised-pt-2xa.docx

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