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Clean Energy Research Center - Los Angeles (CERC-LA) Workshop

Monday, October 10, 2011
8:00 AM - 6:00 PM

Held at UCLA. Visit the CERC-LA website for cross posting of this event.

The University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) is currently developing a new interdisciplinary research center, the Clean Energy Research Center – Los Angeles (CERC-LA), to tackle many of the grand challenges related to the generation, transmission, storage and management of energy. We are seeking input from a group of global thought leaders on how best to structure this center and to help refine its mission.

As many energy challenges are global in nature, this new center will engage the participation of a multi-disciplinary group of researchers from many different nations. The leader of this new center will be Professor Lei He from UCLA’s Electrical Engineering department. We plan for CERC-LA to have satellite offices and laboratories in other cities including Shanghai and Beijing.

This will be an invite only event, with roughly 35-40 participants. Invited attendees include a distinguished group of international scholars, government officials, utility executives and business leaders, who will participate in a series of break-out sessions focused on a particular area of examination.

Peking University

Dan Zhang
Dean of Engineering School

Leyuan Shi
Chairperson of Operations Research

Fudan Univ

Lirong Zheng
Dean of Engineering School

Min Hao
Fudan Univ

Jack Sui
Puleader Technology Inc General Manager

Henghui Zhou
VP of Research

Zhiwei Xu
Chief Engineer Institure of Computing Technology (ICT)

Wang Keh-chung
Vice President, ASTRI, Hong Kong

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