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The Internet and Social Mobilization in China

Monday, April 23, 2012
4:00 PM - 5:30 PM
Royce 243

Professor Hu will discuss how the Internet helps build links and facilitates collective actions among Chinese people who are living in a social reality where freedom of expression, of association and of assembly is limited. In a situation like this, Internet mobilization becomes an indispensable, and often, the only viable way of launching Chinese style resistance. 


HU Yong is an associate professor at Peking University’s School of Journalism and Communication, and a well-known new media critic and Chinese Internet pioneer.

Before joining the faculty of Peking University, Hu Yong has worked for a number of media sources for over 15 years, including China Daily, Lifeweek, China Internet Weekly and China Central Television. He is active in industry affairs as he is co-founder of the Digital Forum of China, a nonprofit organization that promotes public awareness of digitization and advocates a free and responsible Internet. He also co-founded, a leading business new media in China. In 2000, Hu Yong was nominated for China’s list of top Internet industry figures.

Hu Yong is a founding director for Communication Association of China (CAC) and China New Media Communication Association (CNMCA). His publications include Internet: The King Who Rules,the first book introducing the Internet to Chinese readers, and The Rising Cacophony: Personal Expression and Public Discussion in the Internet Age, documenting major transformations in the Chinese cyberspace.

Hu Yong is an active blogger/microblogger. His blog boasts a readership of 3.5 million, and his microblog has 800,000 followers.


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Sponsor(s): Center for Chinese Studies

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