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Info Session on Summer Travel Study in China

Please join us for the information session on Summer Travel Study in China.

Monday, January 30, 2012
4:00 PM - 5:00 PM
10367 Bunche Hall (10th floor)

Summer 2012 Travel Study
to Beijing and Hong Kong at UCLA

Globalization and 21st Century China  
July 1- July  28, 2012

Travel to Beijing and Hong Kong to understand China’s phenomenal rise in the world economy and international arena. The nation is no longer a “hidden dragon” but is amply living up to the notion that the twenty-first century is “China’s century.”  The program will examine the notion that the twenty-first century is “China’s century” through the lens of urban transformation as well as people’s lives on the ground.  By observing the very different paths of development in Beijing and Hong Kong, students in the program will learn about the varied economic, social, and political processes of globalization as well as the problems arising from it.  The program includes lectures, guest lectures by local experts, readings, discussions, and more than a dozen fieldtrips.

The program is directed by Professor Cindy Fan, Geography, UCLA and Vice-Provost of International Studies. 

Courses offered: 

  • East Asian Studies 191A/ Geography 159A/ IDS 191: Globalization and China (4 quarter units). 
  • East Asian Studies 191B/Geography 159B: 21st Century Beijing and Hong Kong (4 quarter units)

More detailed information about the East Asian Studies Summer travel program, including online registration, syllabi, dates, fees, etc. is available on the UCLA Summer Travel Study website

If you have additional questions regarding the regarding the program, contact the

UCLA Travel Study Programs
Tel: (310) 825-4995
B300 Murphy Hall
Magda Yamamoto at

Pizza and drinks will be provided.

(310) 825-4995

Sponsor(s): Interdepartmental Degree Programs

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