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Memorial Service for Professor Teshome Gabriel

The UCLA School of Theater, Film and Television celebrates the inspiring life of Professor Teshome Gabriel, 1939 - 2010.

Friday, November 19, 2010
5:00 PM - 6:00 PM
Freud Playhouse
UCLA campus
Los Angeles, CA 90095

In remembrance of Professor Teshome Gabriel, Dean Teri Schwartz and the UCLA School of Theater, Film and Television would like to invite you to attend a memorial in his honor.   Please pass the information to all those interested in attending.

To RSVP, go to:

Invitation from Dean Schwartz:

Teshome H. Gabriel

Please join us to celebrate the inspiring life of Teshome H. Gabriel on Friday, November 19th, 2010, at the Freud Playhouse, Macgowan Hall, on the UCLA campus.

The memorial service begins at 5:00 p.m.  Reception to follow.


Professor Teshome Gabriel

Teshome Gabriel was a revered faculty member in the Cinema & Media Studies program at UCLA, a pioneering scholar and activist, and an internationally recognized authority on Third World and Post-Colonial cinema.  He earned his doctoral degree at UCLA in 1979.  At the time of his passing Gabriel was in the process of writing a book, "Third Cinema: Exploration of Nomadic Aesthetics & Narrative Communities."

The below passage dramatizes the complexity of feeling and thought presented throughout his work:
"Movement is not just a spatial displacement, or a matter of sequence, or of a linear history.  While stones are generally associated with immobility, those that tend to remain still are in fact the ones that move the most throughout history.  By not moving at all, they move in other directions, in other dimensions, in their own curious and often ironic way.  Pyramids would seem to be the most immobile of things, yet they have been all over the world; there is no place in the world that does not carry archival memories of pyramids, for whom the pyramid does not signify something of deep cultural importance.  One can argue that the same forces are at work in the wailing wall of Jerusalem and the great wall of China, and the Kaaba/Ka'ba of Mecca.  Stones, like sacred relics, travel and induce us to do likewise; they move us emotionally and spiritually." - Teshome Gabriel (2005)

This memorial service will celebrate Teshome Gabriel's profound influence on his discipline, as well as the inspiration he brought to those around him.

For more information, please contact:
Brian Clark
UCLA Department of Film, Television and Digital Media
203 East Melnitz Hall, Box 951622
Los Angeles, CA 90095-1622
310.206.3516 office
310.825.3383 fax

NOTE:  The UCLA Film and Television Archive sponsored a benefit screening of Teza in September, featuring director Haile Gerima, with proceeds going to a School of Theater, Film and Television (TFT) student scholarship fund. 

A story about that event, with film clips, event details, as well as information about Professor Gabriel and Professor Gerima, can be found on the TFT website at  The story is entitled “LA Rebellion alum Haile Gerima screens epic ‘Teza’ at Archive's Teshome Gabriel scholarship event.”

The service in this posting is a public memorial organized by the School of Theater, Film and Television.

To RSVP, go to:

Cost : Free and open to the public, but RSVP required.


Sponsor(s): African Studies Center

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