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Three Degrees of Togetherness

A xiangsheng performance by three generations of comedians from Taiwan: Wu Chao-nan, Liu Tseng-kai, and Hsu Jia-pei

Saturday, May 15, 2010
6:15 PM - 7:15 PM
Popper Theater
Schoenberg Hall
Los Angeles, CA 90095

The performance will be in Mandarin Chinese (translation will be available only for the post-show discussion)

The performance is free and open to the public, but seating is limited. RSVP to the Center for Chinese Studies to reserve a seat.

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Introduction to the Performers:

Wu Zhao-nan was born in Beijing in 1926. After graduating with a degree in Economics from China University, he moved to Taiwan. In 1951 he began performing professionally, becoming one of the preeminent radio and live xiangsheng artists on Taiwan. He relocated to the United States in 1973 where, in addition to developing his signature brand of beef jerky, he continued to be active in the performance and dissemination of xiangsheng and Peking opera. In 1983, in Hong Kong, he was inducted as a disciple of the master xiangsheng artist, Hou Baolin, thereby formally entering into the ranks of the xiangsheng performance lineage. He is the recipient of numerous awards including the Outstanding Artist of Asia Award, a Lifetime Artistic Achievement Award from the Lincoln Center in New York, and the Xinchuan Award from Taiwan. Mr. Wu's greatest contribution to xiangsheng on Taiwan has been his series of xiangsheng recordings jointly produced with his co-star, Wei Lung-hao; the opening dialogue of their radio show, "Wei Lung-hao and Wu Chao-nan, mount the stage and take a bow!" resonates as an iconic memory among xiangsheng audiences. In 1999, after the passing of his long-time co-star, Mr. Wu felt a sense of responsibility to share his art with younger generations in Taiwan and so began accepting his own disciples. In addition, at least twice yearly he has made trips back to Taiwan for public performances. At the of 80-plus years, Mr. Wu sums up his destiny with xiangsheng this way: "In the past, xiangsheng was my way to make a living; now, I live for xiangsheng." 吳兆南; 1926年1月於北平出生,中國大學經濟系畢業, 1951年開始職業從事相聲演出,1973年移民美國,在洛杉磯除牛肉乾事業外,依舊從事相聲、京劇演出不輟,1983年在香港拜入侯寶林大師門下,正式進入相聲族譜。曾獲「亞洲傑出藝人」、「薪傳獎」……等多項殊榮。 吳兆南對台灣相聲最大貢獻,當屬與魏龍豪合出的《相聲集錦》系列,為廣播發明的「魏龍豪、吳兆南上台鞠躬!」已成為相聲觀眾永不褪色的記憶。1999年魏龍豪先生去世後,吳兆南自知責任重大,乃開山授徒,並平均每年至少返台公演兩次。

Liu Tseng-kai began performing xiangsheng in 1988. In 1993, he and Lin Wen-pin founded the Taipei Narrative Performance Arts Troupe and Mr. Liu served as its first artistic director; at the time he was only 26. After resigning that position in 1997, he remained an artistic advisor to the troupe. In 1998, he began graduate studies in Chinese Popular Literature at Hua-lien Normal College. In 1999, he became the artistic disciple of Wu Chao-nan. For his Masters degree, received in 2001, he wrote on the topic, the Development of Mainland Narrative Performance Arts on Taiwan over the Last Fifty Years. During his twenty-plus years of engagement in the performance, scriptwriting, and study of xiangsheng, he has been the recipient of numerous honors and awards including: the China Culture and Arts Award, First Place Prize in the Libaibei Xiangsheng and Xiaopin Competition, sponsored by the Beijing Television Station, and Third Place Prize for his 2006 performance in the China Central Television Spring Festival Gala Broadcast. 劉增鍇 ; 1988年投入相聲工作,1993年林文彬共同創立台北曲藝團,為首任團長,時年二十六歲,1997年轉為顧問。1998年進入花蓮師範學院民間文學研究所;1999年拜入吳兆南門下;2001年以《大陸曲藝近五十年在台灣之發展》論文取得碩士學位。

Hsu Jia-pei represents the first second-generation disciple of the three greatest xiangsheng artists in Taiwan--Liu Tseng-kai, Fu Ti, and Yeh I-chun--all whom were the initial disciples of Wu Chao-nan, Wei Lung-hao, and Chen I-an. Hsu is currently pursuing a Masters degree at the Institute for Mainland China Studies at National Chinese Culture University. Her Masters thesis is on the topical subject, the Development and Exchange of Xiangsheng across the Taiwan Straits. While still in grade school, Ms. Hsu was recognized as one of Taipei's Ten Little Comic Stars. She began her formal entry into xiangsheng performance in 2007, and since that time has performed extensively. She is the recipient of a Special Contribution prize of the All-China New Xiangsheng Routine Competition. 徐嘉珮; 1984 年出生. 本師劉增鍇、引師傅諦、代師葉怡均,分別為吳兆南、魏龍豪 、陳逸安之入門弟子,可稱三位前輩大師唯一的再傳門人。現就讀中國文化大學中國大陸研究所,碩士論文《兩岸相聲的發展與交流》具有時代意義。 徐嘉珮小學便曾獲選台北市「十大小笑星」;2007年正式進入相聲界,已參加多次重大演出,深獲媒體寵愛。曾獲大陸「全國新相聲作品大賽」特殊貢獻獎;在馬來西亞「全國中學生相聲大賽」所指導之學員獲得該賽第一名。

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This event is co-sponsored by the UCLA Center for Chinese Studies, the UCLA Confucius Institute, and the UCLA Herb Alpert School of Music


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Sponsor(s): Center for Chinese Studies, Confucius Institute, Herb Alpert School of Music

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