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La Cruz Andina/ Chakana (The Andean Cross)

A celebration of life/death in the Andean World.

Friday, May 07, 2010
5:00 PM - 8:30 PM
Fowler Museum Terrace
Los Angeles, CA 90095

Over the course of the academic year, Luz Maria De La Torre has been teaching her native language of Quechua. The course has focused on the development of grammar, vocabulary and, most importantly, an understanding of the cultural context in which the language thrives. The presentation  ‘La Cruz Andina – Chakana.’ will be an oppportunity to learn about Quechua Instruction at UCLA while celebrating the culture of the Andes.

The Chakana symbolizes the path of duality, the understanding of two opposing worlds and intercultural bridge building. It is the journey taken by the caretakers of life and nature. The Chakana represents the cosmogonic method of Andean sciences. 

Celebración de la vida/muerte en el Mundo Andino


5:00pm- Greetings & Welcome

6:00pm -Kusisqa- A presentation of Andean music

7:00pm -Presentation of the Andean Cosmovision

7:30 pm- Inca, the Peruvian Ensemble- A presentation of Andean music

8:30 pm- Closing remarks

“Runakunaka ukshashinami kanchik
kuchukukpipash mana tukurishunchu,
ukshashinami kutin kutinmi mirarishun
ukshawanmi allpamamata mirachishun.”

“Somos como la paja del páramo
aunque nos corten no nos terminaremos
como la paja de páramo seguiremos renaciendo
y con paja de páramo poblaremos la tierra.”

“We are like the mountain meadow, though we are cut down, we do not die. We continue the cycle of rebirth throughout the land. “

(The words of Mama Dolores Cacuango)



Refreshments Offered. Parking information: the closest parking lot is Structure #4. Visitors may purchase daily parking permits (Currently $10) by stopping at the Information & Parking booths. Parking Pay Stations : Simply drive to the nearest self-service Pay Station location found in lots and structures throughout campus. Please read the posted signs and screen prompts for Pay by Space or Pay and Display directions. Pay Stations allow you to select the time you need to spend on campus and pay accordingly (all-day passes can also be purchased). For driving directions, please use the interactive UCLA Campus Map.

Cost : Free and open to the public


Download file: lacruzandinaflyer.pdf

Sponsor(s): Latin American Institute, Spanish and Portuguese, Anthony Seeger, Ethnomusicology Graduate Student Organization (EGSO)

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