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한국 전자산업의 고속성장 비결 -The Secret of Korean Electronic Companies' Fast Development

By Kyungup Ho, Chosun Daily Newspaper in Korea / CKS Post Doc and Visiting Scholars Colloquium Series

Tuesday, April 13, 2010
12:30 PM - 2:00 PM
11377 Bunche Hall
Los Angeles, CA 90095

삼성전자가 세계 최대 전자업체로 등극하는 등 한국 전자산업의 발전이 눈부시다. 메모리 반도체, 휴대폰, 가전제품 등에서 한국 전자산업은 전세계 1,2위를 다투고 있다. 한국전자산업 발전에는 선택과 집중, 빠른 디지털화, 직원들의 열정이 비결이다. 한국 전자산업의 과거, 현재, 미래를 살펴본다.

Korean electronic industries are growing fast such as Samsung Electronics, which is one of the largest electronic companies in the world. Memory semiconductors, handsets, home electronics made in Korea are competing against the top worldwide companies.

The secrets of success are selection & concentration, fast digitalization and passion of the employees. We will review the past, present and future of the Korea Electronics.

Kyungup Ho:
He is a staff writer of Chosun Daily newspaper in Korea. He belongs to Business & Technology News Desk. His article interests include electronics & distribution industry.

Lecture will be in Korean. Please bring your own lunch.

Cost : Free

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