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Heaven's Taxi and Iran Zendan

A free screening of "Heavens Taxi" a full length feature and "Iran Zendan" a 30 minute short film

Wednesday, February 17, 2010
7:00 PM - 10:00 PM
Young Hall CS76
Los Angeles, CA 90095

Mr. Daryush Shokof is an Iranian born artist and social activist, he recently finished the filming of the first films which deal with the current events of the Islamic Republic since the elections of June 2009.

The first film "Iran Zendan" is dedicated to the people in Iran, and
those who lost their loved ones during the last mass uprising in Iran
against the results of the presidential elections in 2009. No film has
ever been made to show the tortures and brutal methods used in killing
of thousands of political prisoners in Iran for the last 60 years.
Although, there is absolutely no comparison between what went on with
political prisoners during the Shah’s time and that of what is
currently happening in the Islamic republic of Iran today, this movie
focuses on to the horrendous events and conditions the prisoners live

The film is a semi-documentary picture with images taken from the
actual events during the mass protests and what happens to some of
them inside the prison cells. It portrays how the inmates are treated
and no results are driven from the viewing of the film except that it
ends to clearly show how brutal, inhumane and vicious the situations
are with clear references to the rulers of the Iranian Republic regime by using pictures from their
leaders including KHOMEINI, KHAMENEI, and AHMADINEJAD.

TRAILER (strong content)

Second film "Heaven´s Taxi" is to bring awareness to the global
problem of “racism” and to be viewed from a positive and optimistic
perspective to help for the future of mankind and to build better,
healthier, and much more constructive societies to live in peace. The
film pinpoints many acute issues facing world problematic themes from
religions to freedom and most specifically the right of women in such
most fundamentalist societies as Iran. The film shows how barbarically
people have been tortured, and or even raped or died for their
peaceful protests against the results of the election that has been
proved to the watching eyes of the world to have been rigged in favour
of the extreme fundamentalist Regime currently running Iran.
Surprising ending of the film is a homage to mankind, pure sense of
respect, love and tolerance for
relating to one another.


Parking will be available in Lot 2

Cost : Free and open to the public

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