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The 1950s in the Caribbean

A two-day conference organized by the UCLA Working Group on Caribbean Studies

Saturday, January 30, 2010
8:45 AM - 6:30 PM
Bunche 6275
Los Angeles, CA 90095

“The 1950s in the Caribbean” aims to foster a dialogue on the importance of the decade of the 1950s in the Caribbean basin, providing an inter-Caribbean and interdisciplinary perspective on the period. We will bring to the UCLA campus a group of specialists who will give presentations from a variety of perspectives addressing culture and society in the Caribbean during the 1950s, enabling participants to draw connections and correspondences between the different cultural traditions, languages, and historical, political, and socio-economic trends that characterized the Caribbean as a region. Scholars from across the campuses and across the disciplines are invited to join the core participants in engaging in an interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary dialogue.

Robin Derby (History, UCLA)
Jorge Marturano (Spanish and Portuguese, UCLA)

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Saturday, January 30, 2010
9:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.

Caribbean Art in the 1950s
Panel organizer and chair, Judith Bettelheim

  • Judith Bettelheim (San Francisco State University)
    “Wifredo Lam: an introduction to the 1950s”
  • John Loomis (San José State University)
    “Las Escuelas Nacionales de Arte and the 1950s – End or Margin?”
  • LeGrace Benson (Arts of Haiti Research Project)
    “Haitian Art at Mid-Century”
  • Pamela Franco (Xavier University of Louisiana)
    “1950s Trinidad Carnival: Gender, Politics, and theYankee Presence”

    Don Cosentino (UCLA)

    12:00 – 1:15  Lunch

1:15 – 3: 45 p.m.
Intellectuals and Cultural Projects in the Caribbean
Panel organizer and chair, Jorge Marturano

  • Fernando Valerio-Holguín (Colorado State University)
    “Pedro Henríquez Ureña: The Postcolonial Mulatto Intellectual”
  • César Salgado (The University of Texas at Austin)
    “On the Eve of Moncada: State and Intellectual Politics at the Jose Martí Centennial Celebrations in Batista's Cuba, 1953”
  • Juan Carlos Quintero-Herencia (University of Maryland)
    “Aires bucaneros: Cultural Policy and Poetry in 1950’s Puerto Rico”

    Marta Hernández Salván (UC – Riverside), and Juan Pablo Lupi (UC – Santa Barbara)


 4:00 – 5:45 p.m.
Historical Contexts in the Caribbean
Panel organizer and chair, Robin Derby

  • Jorge L. Giovannetti (University of Puerto Rico)
    “Fieldnotes on Rural Cuba: Pre-Revolutionary Anthropological Views”
  • Harvey Neptune (Temple University)
    “A. Waugh on White Supremacy: A Queer Story of British West Indian Decolonization”

    Robert Hill (UCLA)


Cost : Free and Open to the Public


Download file: 1950scaribbean.pdf

Sponsor(s): Latin American Institute, The Mellon Seminar on Caribbean Cultural History, LAI Working Group on Caribbean Studies

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