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Journeys and Arrivals: The Films of Jeon Soo-il--The Bird Who Stops in the Air 1999, Wind Echoing in My Being 1997

Presented in association with the Korean Film Council and the UCLA Center for Korean Studies

Sunday, January 24, 2010
7:00 PM
Billy Wilder Theater
Hammer Museum
10899 Wilshire Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90025

Over the last decade, South Korean writer-director Jeon Soo-il has earned an international reputation for highly personal films that explore the connections between identity and geography, art and being. An associate professor of film who studied in Pusan and Paris, Jeon is drawn to characters who find themselves unmoored from the spaces and relationships that define their lives. Businessmen, children and even film professors set out on journeys, both inward and outward, their final destinations always unknown. Much like his characters Jeon followed his own path in South Korean cinema, continuously honing his approach to combine a social realist edge with a powerfully minimalist style. The UCLA Film & Television Archive is pleased to present Jeon’s first six features to Los Angeles audiences for the first time.

All films in Korean with English subtitles except where noted.
All films directed by Jeon Soo-il.

SCR: Jeon Soo-il. CAST: Seol Kyung-gu, Kim So-hee.

A film professor finds his personal and professional lives stalled between his family and his lover, his last project and the next. The key to breaking out of this sorry state seems to be his childhood dreams of birds. Jeon employs the two sides of Pusan’s as yet unfinished Gwangan Bridge as a metaphor for his middle-class professionals who seem unable to make meaningful connections in a rapidly changing urban environment.
35mm, color, 106 min.

SCR: Jeon Soo-il. CAST: Lee Choong-in, Cho Jae-hyun, You Soon-chul.

Jeon’s debut feature is a three-part philosophical and allegorical meditation on the nature of time. The triptych structure presents the stages of a man’s life, from childhood to adulthood to old age, with each section interconnected but also standing on its own. Many of the themes and motifs that come to the fore in his later films appear here in a free floating, gestational form.

35mm, color & b/w, 103 min.

Open to the public.

Cost : Advance online tickets are available for $10 at General admission and student tickets are available at the window for $9 and $8 respectively.


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