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International Film Nights: Water (2006) on India

Thursday, November 19, 2009
7:00 PM
Dashew Center Lobby
Los Angeles, CA 90095

Part of International Film Nights at the Dashew Center

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synopsis: In 1938, Chuyia (Sarala) a child bride whose husband dies before their union is consummated is relegated to life in an ashram in Varanasi (Benares) for other "unwanted" widows. Their life is ruled over by a venal old woman, Madhumati (Manorama) She pimps the young widows out to wealthy Brahmin gentlemen, whose attentions are considered by society to be a blessing. Another young widow, Kalyani (Lisa Ray) runs away to marry a young lawyer, a devotee of Ghandi (Mohan Jhangiani), until she discovers that his father has been her "client/benefactor." She drowns herself in the Ganges, and the young man disowns his father. Chuyia is abused, then rescued and helped to escape by Shakuntala (Rishma Malik), another of the widows.

Cost : Free

Kelley A. Cobb
(310) 267-1981
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