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International Film Nights: L'enfant (The Child) (2005) on Belgium

Wednesday, November 18, 2009
7:00 PM
Dashew Center Lobby
Los Angeles, CA 90095

Part of International Film Nights at the Dashew Center

Learn more about the movie on imdb.

Film synopsis: When the single mother Sonia returns home with her newborn son, she finds that the baby's father Bruno had rented her apartment for a couple. She seeks out Bruno, who is a small time young thief that has a gang with two other teenagers, on the streets and they go to a shelter to stay during the cold night. On the next morning, they register the child with the name of Jimmy. When Bruno receives a proposal from his dealer for selling Jimmy for adoption for five thousand Euros, he steals the baby and sells him to his contact. However, when Sonia discovers what Bruno did, she faints, goes to the hospital and reports the transaction to the police. Bruno calls off the transaction and retrieves Jimmy, but has to pay to the dealers another five thousand Euros, in the beginning of his descent to hell and final redemption.

Cost : Free

Kelley Cobb
(310) 267-1981
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