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Machado de Assis, Capitu and Luiz Fernando Carvalho

A Symposium with Luiz Fernando Carvalho.

Friday, May 08, 2009
2:30 PM - 5:00 PM
Rolfe 3126
Los Angeles, CA 90095

Luiz Fernando Carvalho is the award-winning director of Lavoura Arcaica (2001), telenovelas such as Renascer (1993) and O Rei do Gado (1996), and miniseries such as Os Maias (2001), Hoje é Dia de Maria (2005; two parts), A Pedra do Reino (2007), and Capitu (2008). In his recent works he has been exploring forms of dramaturgy that represent Brazil in a new way, without relying on the realist forms of representation that have traditionally characterized both film and television in Brazil and around the world. In works such as Hoje é Dia de Maria, A Pedra do Reino, and Capitu Carvalho combines film, television, theater, opera, circus, and diverse forms of popular culture in surprising and aesthetically daring new combinations, making Carvalho perhaps the most innovative director working in Brazil today.

Moderator: Randal Johnson (UCLA)
Participants: José Luiz Passos (UCLA), Raquel Barreto (UCLA), Fábio Golombek (F.J. Productions), Deborah Calla (Calla Productions), Sandro Fiorin (FiGa Filmes), and Pedro Pereira
(Ohio State) 

The discussion will be in Portuguese.

Cost : Free and open to the public


Sponsor(s): Latin American Institute, Center for Brazilian Studies, GLOBO Universidade, Brazil.

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