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Political-Economic Crisis & Popular Response - Screening of "Argentina: Hope in Hard Times"

Screening and discussion of "Argentina: Hope in Hard Times" a film directed by Melissa Young and Mark Dworkin.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009
5:00 PM - 7:30 PM
Entrepreneurs Hall C-315
UCLA Anderson School of Management
Los Angeles, CA 90095


Did you ever wonder what it would be like to be in a real political economic crisis?
  • A crisis where companies are laying off 100's and 1000's of workers at a time!
  • Where white collar jobs are no longer safe from outsourcing!
  • Where the value of your major assets (house, retirement savings) have lost a third or more of their value ... and the fall in value is yet to hit bottom!
  • Where the "new jobs" promise, is only that! If you want to see the future, come see this film!
The program consists of two separate documentary films that deal with the Argentine Crisis in 2001 and its aftermath 6 years later. The first film, Argentina:Hope in Hard Times captures the social crisis that resulted when the value of the Argentine currency fell drastically, the banks froze all savings accounts, owners of businesses fled their factories and much of the public was essentially left to deal with the crisis on its own.
This film, by Melissa Young and Mark Dworkin who were in Argentina on another assignment, captures the dramatic moments of crisis that not only demonstrate the strength of the human spirit in trying times, but also how, under the most trying of circumstances, the people, workers and middle class, spontaneously organized self-help efforts and succeeded, through dialogue, discipline and hope to survive the crisis. 
The second film, Argentina: Turning Point, to be shown later in April, 2009, will show how a crisis in today's political economy can provide a opportunities for innovation and change.  While not a strict Schumpeterian phenomenon, the film shows how people can experiment with new models of work, production, cooperative politics, joint ownership and community development.  

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Sponsor(s): Latin American Institute, Center for Argentina, Chile and the Southern Cone, UCLA Anderson School of Management, UCLA Center for International Business Education and Research

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