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Red Art . . . a Documentary

A screening and talk with the co-director, Hu Jie

Wednesday, November 05, 2008
4:00 PM - 6:00 PM
2250 Public Policy Building
Los Angeles, CA 90095

Running Time 70 mins

Subtitles: English / Chinese

Year of Production2007


Director:HU JIE 胡杰 and AI XIAOMING 艾晓明          

Cinematography:Hu Jie and Ai Xiaoming

Production Design:Huang Haitao 黄海涛   

Editing:Hu Jie        



Red Art delves into the posters during the Cultural Revolution (1966-1976) and how they were used as a propaganda. To uncover the meaning of the posters, it interviews former painters and Red Guards, and researchers and collectors at home and abroad.

Red Art is the second documentary after the documentary makers' Painting for the Revolution: The Peasants Painters of Hu County, which documents how folk art was transformed by political campaigns, and records the artists memories of this unusual period of history.




Bio-filmography of director

Hu Jie is an independent documentary maker. His works, among others, are Remote Mountain, Folk Songs on the Plain, By the Sea, In Search of Lin Zhao's Soul and Though I am Gone. In 2002, his documentary, The Wedding of Yan Zhen, won Best Editing Prize at Chinese Young Filmmakers Festival held by Hongkong Phoenix TV. The year 2003 saw Remote Mountain selected by "Independent Documentaries of China" Film Festival in France. In 2004, Folk Songs on the Plain was selected by "Art and Individual Identity of the East and the West" show in Bonn, Germany. He participated in the establishment of Digital Video Studio of Sex/Gender Education Forum at Sun Yat-sen University as artist-in-residence since 2004.  

HU Jie has had his documentaries shown in SUN Yat-sen University, Chinese University of Hong Kong, The University of Westminster and University of Oxford in the U.K.since 2005.

胡杰,1991年毕业于解放军艺术学院油画系, 1995年辞掉公职开始独立纪录片制作。已完成的纪录片包括《远山》、《平原上的山歌》、《在海边》、《寻找林昭》,新近完成的纪录片是《我虽死去》。他的作品《严震的婚事》获香港凤凰卫视中华青年影像大展最佳编辑奖。2003年《远山》入选法国独立电影节,2004年《平原上的山歌》在"东西方艺术与个人身份" (德国波恩历史博物馆)展映。2004年以来,胡杰与艾晓明开始合作,完成了《白丝带》等十部有关妇女、性别与人权教育的纪录片。



Cost : Free

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Sponsor(s): Center for Chinese Studies

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