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Confucianism in Modern Chinese Culture with Yu Dan

A Talk by Yu Dan

Thursday, July 31, 2008
4:00 PM
The Harry and Yvonne Lenart Auditorium
Fowler Museum, UCLA
Los Angeles, CA 90095

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Yu Dan is a Professor and Associate Dean of the School of Arts and Media at Beijing Normal University. She holds a Master’s degree in Chinese Literature and a doctorate in Film and Television Studies.  In 2006 her lectures on Confucianism appeared on CCTV’s popular primetime show, Lecture Room, transforming her into cultural icon.  From the transcript of these talks, she published Yu Dan’s Reflections on ‘The Analects.’  In this simply written book, she reinterprets the classical text for the common person, sharing personal anecdotes and relating the text to modern day life.  Her book, which has been described as a “Confucian chicken soup for the modern Chinese soul,” has sold 4.2 million copies and has been translated into several languages including Korean and Japanese.  In addition to her work on Confucius, Yu Dan has also lectured on the philosopher, Zhuangzi, and published a text entitled, Yu Dan’s Reflections on ‘Zhuangzi.' ’Her broadcasts and writings have made Yu Dan a household name in China.  She now serves as a media advisor to over 40 regional TV stations in China.  

Lecture will be given in Mandarin Chinese. There will be no English Translation.

于丹是中國北京師範大學藝術與傳媒學院教授和副院長,擁有文學碩士和影視學博士學位。她于2006年在中國中央電視臺《百家講壇》中解讀自己对于《論語》的心得體會,深受歡迎,成為新的學術偶像。隨后,她出版了《于丹〈論語〉心得》,用淺顯易懂的語言和她個人的詮釋,把《論語》的精華與普通大眾的日常生活聯系起來,因而 該書被稱作現代中國人的心靈雞湯,在短時間內銷售了420萬本,被翻譯成包括韓文,日文等其他語言。2007年,于丹再次宣講解讀《莊子》心得,并出版了《于丹〈莊子〉心得》一書,廣獲好評。與此同時,她還兼任中國40余家電視臺的傳媒顧問。

Cost: Free

Special Instructions

Parking for the Fowler Museum: Enter UCLA from Sunset Blvd. at Westwood. Drive ahead to the Parking Information Booth in Lot 4.

Parking = $9


The Fowler Museum is located in the heart of UCLA's north campus. Easy parking is available near the Museum by following these directions: Enter UCLA from Sunset Blvd. at Westwood. Drive ahead to the Parking Information Booth in Lot 4. Convenient Fowler parking is at the northeast or southeast ends of Lot 4 (see map), where automated pay stations accept $1 and $5 bills and credit cards. The parking fee is a maximum of $9. The Fowler is visible to your left when you ascend from the elevator or stairs (follow pedestrian walkways, indicated by arrows). The Fowler is a lovely walk from the UCLA Transit Center at Hilgard and Strathmore Avenues, where several public bus lines stop.

Cost : Free

Sponsor(s): Center for Chinese Studies, Asia Institute, UCLA Confucius Institute, China Press

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