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Southern California Brazilianists' Meeting

One day conference on diverse Brazilian topics.

Saturday, May 10, 2008
9:00 AM - 4:00 PM
Covel Commons
Southbay Room
Los Angeles, CA 90095

The Southern California Brazilianists’ Association is an informal group of scholars from Southern California and surrounding areas that meets annually at one of the areas universities to discuss on-going research and teaching projects. Its annual meetings are open to all who are interested in Brazil.


9:30      Coffee


10:00    Robert Voeks, CSU Fullerton, “African Diaspora Ethnobotany in Brazil: The Role of Anthropogenic Landscape Evolution”


10:45    Adriana Johnson, UCI, “The People Are Missing”


11:30    Eurípedes de Oliveira, CSU Northridge, “International Educational Exchange: A Case Study of Goiás, Central Brazil”


12:15    Lunch


1:15      Débora Ferreira, Utah Valley State College, “Navegar é Preciso: Teaching Business Portuguese”


2:00      Stephen Bell, UCLA, “’I have the job for which I have been waiting all my life’: Leo Waibel and the Assessment of Brazilian Resources, 1946-50”


2:30      Campbell Britton, UCLA, “Theatrical Musings: Nelson Rodrigues and the Screaming Obvious?”


3:15      Catherine Benamou, UCI, “Towards ‘Latinization’? Brazilian Transnational Television and its Diasporic U.S. Audiences”



Sponsor(s): Latin American Institute

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