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Other Asias: A Foreword

Lecture by Gayatri Spivak, Columbia University

Tuesday, May 08, 2007
4:30 PM - 7:00 PM
314 Royce Hall
Los Angeles, CA 90095

Department of Comparative Literature Lecture Series “What is Comparative Literature?” II 2006-2007

This series explores the role and place of theory in the field of Comparative Literature. As a discipline whose academic identity in recent years has been closely associated with the intellectual currents and movements thought of as “high theory,” recent pronouncements of the end of theory invite a critical reflection on the future of the field. Of particular interest in this series will be the question of the way globalization has transformed academic conversations about both theory and world literature.

Gayatri Chakravorty Spivak is the Avalon Foundation Professor in the Humanities and the Director of the Center for Comparative Literature and Society at Columbia University. B.A. English (Honors), Presidency College, Calcutta, 1959. Ph.D. Comparative Literature, Cornell University, 1967. D. Litt, University of Toronto, 1999; D. Litt, Univeristy of London, 2003.

Fields: Feminism, Marxism, Deconstruction, Globalization.

Books: Myself Must I Remake: The Life and Poetry of W. B. Yeats (1974), Of Grammatology (translation with critical introduction of Jacques Derrida, De la grammatologie, 1976), In Other Worlds: Essays in Cultural Politics (1987), Selected Subaltern Studies (ed., 1988),The Post-Colonial Critic: Interviews, Strategies, Dialogues (1990), Thinking Academic Freedom in Gendered Post-Coloniality (1993), Outside in the Teaching Machine (1993), Imaginary Maps (translation with critical introduction of three stories by Mahasweta Devi, 1994), The Spivak Reader (1995), Breast Stories (translation with critical introduction of three stories by Mahasweta Devi, 1997), Old Women (translation with critical introduction of two stories by Mahasweta Devi, 1999), Imperatives to Re-Imagine the Planet / Imperative zur Neuerfindung des Planeten (ed. Willi Goetschel, 1999), A Critique of Postcolonial Reason: Towards a History of the Vanishing Present (1999), Song for Kali: A Cycle (translation with introduction of Ramproshad Sen, 2000), Chotti Munda and His Arrow (translation with critical introduction of a novel by Mahasweta Devi, 2002), Death of a Discipline (2003), Other Asias (2005), Red Thread (forthcoming).

Significant articles: "Subaltern Studies: Deconstructing Historiography" (1985), "Three Women's Texts and a Critique of Imperialism" (1985),"Can the Subaltern Speak?" (1988), "The Politics of Translation" (1992), "Moving Devi" (1999), "Righting Wrongs" (2003), "Ethics and Politics in Tagore, Coetzee, and Certain Scenes of Teaching" (2004), "Translating into English" (2005).


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