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21st Century and the Korean Humanities

UCLA-Korea University Joint Conference

Saturday, February 03, 2007
9:00 AM - 4:00 PM
10383 Bunche Hall
Los Angeles, CA 90095

21st Century and the Korean Humanities
UCLA-Korea University Joint Conference

Sponsored by BK21 the Education and Research Group for Korean Language and Literature and UCLA

February 2 – 3, 2007, 10383 Bunche Hall at UCLA

Friday, February 2


Welcoming Remarks

  • UCLA: Prof. John Duncan, Prof. Peter Lee
  • Korea University: Prof. Kim Inhwan, Prof. Choi Dong-ho


Session One


Kim Bong Sun (KU), "Characteristics and Significance of Yi Yun-moon's Nogyegajip?"
<이윤문본 노계가집>의 성격과 작품형성의 의미 (in Korean)


Seung-Ah Lee (UCLA), "Gender Inversion in Female Hero Fictions of Late Chosôn"


Shin Sang Hyun (KU), "A Study on the Influence of Archaic Chinese Phonology in the Early Qing Dynasty on the Compilation of Rhyme Dictionary in 18th Century Chosôn" (in Korean)
18세기 운서 편찬과 청대 고음학 수용 연구


An Deuk-yong (KU), A Study on the Epitaphs in Late 16th—Early 17th Century Chosôn"
16세기말-17세기초 비지문의 서술양상에 대한 고찰 (in Korean)


Session Two:


Jeong-il Lee (UCLA), "Re-patterning China and Domesticating Civilization:  Politics of Universality in Late Chosôn Korea"


Janet Lee (UCLA), "Love, Poems & Women in 17th Century Korean Romance"


Park Myong Ok (KU),  "Philosophical Critique of Tonghak Lyrics" (in Korean)
동학가사의 사상적 측면에 대한 고찰


Kim Ji Nyeo (KU), "Modernity in Ch'oe Namsôn's Poetry" (in Korean)
최남선 시가의 근대성: ‘철도'와 ‘바다'에 나타난 계몽적 공간 인식

Saturday, Feb. 3


Session Three


Park Mikyoung (KU), "Fo's Perceptional ‘Analysis of Emotional Expression"


Ham Huijin (KU), "A Review on Korean Dative-Subject Constructions" (in Korean)
‘뜨리-'류 합성어에 대한 어원론적 형태 분석


Jo Minha (KU), "An Acoustics View on Korean Initial Stop: Focusing on English-Japanese Natives"


Lee Kyoung Suk (KU), "A Study on the Rhetorical Effects in Kim Su-hyôn's Drama"
김수현 드라마의 수사학적 효과 산출방식 연구1: KBS-TV 단막극 <말희>의 착상과 배열을 중심으로 (in Korean)


Session Four


Sonja Kim (UCLA), "Limiting Birth": Birth Control in Colonial Korea"


Lee Jongpil (KU), "Choegounjeon and Wish of Marginal Man" (in Korean)
경계인의 욕망과 <최고운전>


Jane Kim (UCLA), "The Economic Thought of No Ikkûn"


Oh Se In (KU), "Returning to the ‘Other' or Back to Arms from the Shadow:  Hwang Seok-yeong's "The Shadow of Arms"

Cost : Free

Sponsor(s): Center for Korean Studies, Asian Languages & Cultures, Korea University

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