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Ending the Korean War: A Day of Action

Organized by United Methodist Women (UMW), this day will include a public forum on the Korean crisis that examines the ongoing cost of militarization of the Korean peninsula and the steps needed to replace the temporary armistice treaty with a permanent peace treaty. The forum will look at how the road to peace in Korea runs through Washington, DC, and how women and the Korean diaspora must steward it along the way.

Friday, May 10, 2013
9:30 AM - 1:00 PM
Immanuel Presbyterian Church
3300 Wilshire Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90010


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 Morning Emcee: Ellie Yang & Sung-Ok Lee (United Methodist Church)


 Welcome 환영 & 기도


 Memory of Forgotten War 영화: 잊혀진 한국전쟁의 회상

by Ramsay Liem and Deann Borshay, Liem, introduces audiences to four Korean American war survivors, who share deeply personal accounts of events before, during and after the fighting


 Testimonials of Separated Families 이산가족의 증언

 The Reverend Syngman Rhee, former President of the National Council of Churches USA
 Hee Pok Kim (aka "Grandma Kim"), Active Member of the Bus Riders Union in Los Angeles


 Women Peacemakers: Voices from Both Sides of the DMZ

평화를 이루는 여성들: 비무장지대의 이야기

 Pilju Kim Joo, founder of Agglobe Services International
 Young Hee Jeong, peace activist from Jeju Island


 Why Korean Americans Must End the Korean War

 왜 재미동포들이 전쟁을 끝내야 하나?

  Hyun Lee and Juyeon Rhee (both from Nodutdol and Korea Policy Institute)


 Step for Action & Advocacy (Group I)

평화를 위한 프로그램 소개 및 동참

1. Washington, DC advocacy:

    peace petition, sanctions, US-ROK war games, humanitarian aid (Christine Hong)

            2. Jeju Island Struggle (Juyeon Rhee)

            3. Korean Women Diaspora for Peace (Christine Ahn)

            4. Korean War Testimonials (Namhee Lee and Ramsay Liem)


Press Conference II (Group II)


  • Sung-ok Lee (United Methodist Women)
  • Christine Hong (Korea Policy Institute, UC Santa Cruz)  
  • Christine Ahn (Korean Women Diaspora for Peace)
Media Contact: Paul Liem (Korea Policy Institute)



 Closing Ceremony


  Event speakers' bios : download

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Open to the Public. Schedule is subject to change.

Cost : Free


Sponsor(s): Center for Korean Studies, Korea Policy Institute, United Methodist Women, Channing and Popai Liem Education Foundation, Alliance of Scholars Concerned about Korea, National Campaign to End the Korean War, Nodutdol for Korean Community Development

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