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Carolyn Steinle

Master's Degree
  • Class of 2018
  • Master's Degree(s): African Studies MA
While At UCLA

I first became interested in the challenge of evaluating intervention programs after graduating UCSC in 2010, when I interned at USAID's conflict response office, The Office of Transition Initiatives (OTI). While there, I worked on stabilization and transition programs, in particular those focused on the role of public perception in political transitions and conflict. I have since worked in two field environments. In 2011, I lived in Nairobi worked for a UN contractor charged with training African Union forces in Mogadishu, and most recently, in Northern Nigeria. I moved to Kano, Nigeria in 2014 to work as a temporary contractor at a public health organization, eHealth Africa, on their Polio Program. Six months later, I was hired by Equal Access International, a media development NGO with a State Department contract to launch a CVE behavior change Hausa television station. One of my main assignments was to serve as the field research assistant to a Political Science team from the University of Illinois, led by Dr. Jake Bowers, on a controlled mobile phone study of the TV channel's audience members' attitude changes across 6 northern states. Conducting field research was a thrilling challenge, and I hope to engage in further research efforts again during my time at UCLA.

After UCLA

My career goal is to increase the capacity of practitioners to measure the efficacy of conflict interventions in Africa, specifically, by applying social and peace psychology research to improve monitoring and evaluation practices.

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