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Global Studies Travel Study

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Billboard for Modern Tramway alongside Crumbling Facade - City Centre - Casablanca, Morocco

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  • Nebila Abdulmelik

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    BA '06, MA '16

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    BA '14

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    BA '10

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    BA '10

  • Gael Murphy

    MA '82

  • Jennifer Patton

    BA '11

  • Jessica Salgado

    BA '10

Summer Travel Study

PARIS Global StudiesTravel Study Program

Video by one of our 2014 Travel Study Scholarship winners Lauren Hearne



Sample Syllabus

Sample Syllabus

Sample Syllabus



Ten Global Studies Travel Study scholarships of $1,000 are available for outstanding UCLA Global Studies Majors or Minors who are participating in a Global Studies Travel Program. 

Application deadline for summer 2017 is Sunday, March 12 at 11:59 pm

Global Studies Scholarship Application

Additional scholarships can be found on the IEO website . 



  • Open to ALL MAJORS
  • 10 UCLA graded units (two classes: Glbl St 110A and 110B) 
  • All programs are taught in English (there are no language prerequisites). 
  • 3-4 week-long summer programs 
  • Financial aid might cover part of the cost, check with Financial Aid office for details. Global Studies Scholarships available.
  • Begins on November 15. To register, visit the IEO website


Global Studies Majors: Travel Study is a requirement**. The optional Glbl St 199 course (Directed Research in Global Studies, resulting in a research paper) offered through the Summer Travel Study program can be petitioned to be used towards an elective requirement, where relevant.

Global Studies Minors: Travel Study is optional. Students may apply the two courses towards any two electives for the minor. The optional Glbl St 199 course (Directed Research in Global Studies, resulting in a research paper)  can be petitioned to be used towards the 3rd elective requirement for the minor with Chair approval.

**Although this is mandatory, students who can't meet this requirement should visit the academic counselor for advice.



Global Studies majors may participate in an additional study abroad programs if they plan accordingly. Check with your Global Studies advisor. Additional summer, semester, an year long programs are available.

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