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Central African women inspecting building for microfinance project

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African Textile Pattern

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Harari Woman, Ethiopia
African Studies

About African Studies M.A. Program

The intellectual objective of the African Studies M.A. Program is to provide graduate students an opportunity to engage in intensive study and research on Africa on an interdisciplinary basis. The program offers African Area courses in a wide range of disciplines, including the fine arts, humanities, social sciences, and some professional fields. A concurrent degree program is also offered where students can work for the M.A. in African Studies and the Master of Public Health (M.P.H.) at the same time.

Academic flexibility draws many students to the program. Because there are more than 50 faculty members with African interest and experience in approximately 30 disciplines, students have multiple options to design individual programs suited to their specific interests.

According to a recent survey, 50% of the program graduates continue studying at the post-graduate level, about 20% are employed in higher education, and a significant percentage work in international or foreign organizations in numerous countries.

During their time spent completing this program, students will also have the opportunity to present their work at the Annual International Institute Graduate Student Conference. With a transnational and interdisciplinary focus, African Studies M.A. students are provided a unique experience and a specially tailored forum in which to engage experts on their research.

Graduate Students

MA '17

I am interested in studying the post-colonial history of Eritrea and gaining an understanding of the nation's past and present political stances in the region. Also, I'm interested in the...

MA '17

My research interests include land use economics, African food systems, soft commodities trade, and food and agriculture policy.

MA '18

I graduated from California State University, San Bernardino this past June with a B.A. in Philosophy and a minor in History. I have moved around a lot as a child...

BA '17, MA '17

I completed my undergraduate degree at UCLA as a Spanish major, French minor and Global Studies minor. I was born in Paris, France but I grew up in New York...

BA '14, MA '17

Ufahamu co-editor, co-chair African Activist Association, Research Assistant (Mike Lofchie), Outreach Cordinator Policy Professionals for Diversity and Equity, Peer Mentor at Center for Community College Partnership (AAP)

MA '17

I am an alumni of the dual MA/MPH program in African Studies and Community Health Sciences (Public Health) as of 2017!

I am interested in HIV prevention, voluntary medical male circumcision...

MA '17

I am interested in African ways of knowing and epistemologies. I am also interested in power dynamics and women and gender studies.

MA '17

At UCLA, I hope to challenge myself, meet new people, learn new ideas and grow as an individual and future leader. My research interest today continues with the African/African diaspora...

MA '18

My degree focus is in political sociology and conflict, and by extension, the effects on development outcomes in Sub-Saharan Africa. My thesis research focuses on the current rebel groups operating...

MA '18

I first became interested in the challenge of evaluating intervention programs after graduating UCSC in 2010, when I interned at USAID's conflict response office, The Office of Transition Initiatives (OTI)....

MA '18

I am excited about exploring East African culture and history through a modern and ancient music-focused lens. My specific project is to help expand / upgrade the archiving capacity and...

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