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Internship Program

The Burkle Center Internship Program offers UCLA undergraduate and graduate students direct exposure to international relations and related disciplines. From major events and conferences to research initiatives and student-oriented outreach programs, the Burkle Center offers a variety of venues for interested and engaged students to get involved.

Applications for staff writers and editors of The Generation are accepted on a rolling basis.


Launched in September of 2007, the Burkle Center Internship Program offers UCLA students direct exposure to international relations and related disciplines. From major events and conferences to research initiatives and student-oriented outreach programs, the Burkle Center offers a variety of venues for interested and engaged students to get involved. The Program is designed to offer students experience, exposure, and networking opportunities.


Internships are open to current UCLA undergraduate and graduate students (law, business, or MA/PhD programs), and last throughout the academic year (fall through spring). Preference is given to graduating seniors, but the Center has hosted juniors and sophomores in the past.

Hours and Expectations:

Interns must commit to a minimum of 6 work hours per week. Hours are flexible and structured in consideration of academic commitments. Students generally work 3 hours at the Burkle Center's intern office and 3 hours at home. These work hours include event staffing or outreach activities. The Burkle Center places a strong emphasis on initiative and teamwork. Interns are expected to maintain a professional demeanor and appearance at all times.

Internship Tasks Include:

  • Event facilitation
  • Graphic/web design
  • Outreach coordination
  • Research assistance  (undergraduate + graduate)
  • Editing for The Generation, the Burkle Center’s affiliated international relations online student journal (http://the-generation.net/).  (undergraduate + graduate)

The internship is designed to foster teamwork as well as individual leadership capability. Interns are expected to maintain a professional demeanor and appearance at all times. All interns, with the exception of The Generation editors, participate in outreach and event production and assist the Center with short-term projects and its daily needs.

While individual assignments are made in consultation with the intern, the final determination is made based on the needs of the Center. Interns are encouraged to attend Center events, which present good opportunities to network with experts in the field.

Application Process:

Applications for the 2013-14 internship will be due on Sunday, September 29, 2013. To apply, please send the following information as a single MS Word or PDF document to Alexis Griffin, Program Manager of the UCLA Burkle Center, at: griffin@international.ucla.edu    

  • CV or Resume (1 page) - please include any volunteer or extracurricular activities and your current GPA.
  • Letter of Interest (1 page) - indicate your preferred internship tasks and rank all duties according to preference. Explain why you are interested in the Burkle Center internship. Include your future career goals.  Please specify clearly if you apply for the editorial position at The Generation, in which case there is not need to list or rank the other internship duties.
  • 2-3 References from a past employer, professor, TA, volunteer supervisor, etc. (name, contact information and brief affiliation only, i.e., "how do they know you?" This is NOT a request for a letter of recommendation.)
  • If you have a preference for the graphic/web design duties or the editor position with The Generation, please submit a writing sample or an example of your design work (online or in print).
  • Your general availability for the fall quarter, for the hours of Monday -- Friday, 9AM to 5PM

* Internships are competitive and selections are made after an interview (by invitation only) with Deputy Director Alexandra Lieben. For The Generation, selections are made after an interview with members of the current editorial team and Deputy Director Alexandra Lieben.
* All interns are required to work a minimum of 6 hours per week. Hours are flexible and structured around academic commitments, with students working 3 hours at the office and 3 hours at home.
* Academic credit: Burkle Internships are unpaid volunteer positions. If you are interested in academic credit please indicate as such in your application. For-credit internships will require a commitment of 10 hours per week.

Click here to see our interns for the 2013-14 academic year.


Testimonials of Outgoing Burkle Center Interns


Natalie Charney
"Interning at the Burkle Center for International Relations has provided me with stimulating, unparalleled opportunities to learn and grow as a UCLA student. The best aspect of this internship is its multifaceted approach toward exploring the field of international relations. As an intern, I was able to explore this interest through relevant, diverse lectures, but also through active research of my own. Another tremendous aspect about this internship is the staff at the Burkle Center for International Relations, who put great weight into the thoughts and opinions of each intern and take the time to invest in each intern's professional development. I am grateful for this experience, and I highly encourage all passionate UCLA students to take advantage of this unique opportunity!"


Noelle Little

Noelle Little
"As a transfer student, my greatest worry was that it was too late for me to find my own personal niche on UCLA's campus; being an intern for the Burkle Center changed all of it. Not only did the Burkle Center allow me to meet some of the world's best minds, leaders and writers, but it also helped me establish a great group of friends and mentors at UCLA.  The skills and work ethic you develop at the Burkle Center are talents that will help you to succeed in any field – whether it is international relations or biomedical engineering. I would recommend this internship to anyone with even the slightest interest in international relations. Even if you go in to the internship without any prior knowledge, it’s the perfect opportunity to learn and grow among a supportive and diverse group of UCLA students." 


Karla Renschler

Karla Renschler
"Being an intern at the Burkle Center has given me so many unique and incredible opportunities. I met important figures in international relations and learned from their extensive knowledge in the field through the many lectures the Burkle Center puts on. I got to work on projects for the United Nations and the Burkle Global Impact Initiative. I also networked with people that I never thought I would have the chance to meet who are involved all over the world. The Burkle Center is an amazing resource and interning has definitely been one of the most valuable experiences I've had at UCLA."


Michael McGalliard

Michael McGalliard
"For a student interested in International Relations, an internship at the Burkle Center is a great opportunity.  While working here, I’ve been able to gain more insight and experience with international issues being discussed both on campus and in the community.  An intern gets the opportunity to participate in research, and to help put on many exciting events with national leaders in the International Relations field.  I particularly enjoyed getting more involved on campus, working closely with the other interns and staff at the Burkle Center.  The commitment was also very doable and a more than worthy investment during my last year at UCLA!"


Freza Paro

Freza Paro
"The Burkle Center for International Relations provides for UCLA students access into the complex and exciting world of international affairs. In this past year, Burkle interns have had the opportunity to make friendly conversation with former Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice, shake hands with the famous economist Jeffrey Sachs and host an international human rights film series, which included the award-winning Sundance film, Ai Weiwei: Never Sorry. Interning at the Burkle Center - with its impressive resources and passionate directors - has imparted on me the professional and interpersonal skills I will need as I begin my career in the international realm."


Internship Alumni

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2012–13 Interns with Condoleezza Rice, 66th Secretary of State

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