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The Gates Foundation seeks to help women and girls in the developing world reach their full potential, said Melinda Gates at a recent Burkle Center event.Read more
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International Development Studies alumna (2013) and partner land $400,000 for socially conscious start-up.
International Education Week is an opportunity to celebrate the benefits of international education and exchange...
See former NPR foreign correspondent Mike Shuster's "Catastrophe: A Blog of WWI."
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Donbass, Ukraine

September 30, 2014. Destroyed house in a steel town in the Donbass area of Ukraine. Photo: Reporteros Tercerainformacion; cropped. CC BY-NC-SA 2.0.
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  • Center for World Languages
    The Center for World Languages is a research and development unit of the UCLA International Institute and the Humanities Division of the UCLA College of Letters and Sciences. The Center brings together the University's extensive...
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  • Center for Brazilian Studies
    The purpose of the Center for Brazilian studies at UCLA is to encourage cooperative research and academic initiatives between UCLA and Brazil. Our mission is to promote greater understanding and involvement with Brazil including academia,...
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    As a US Department of Education, Title VI National Resource Center, The Center for European and Eurasian Studies (CEES) provides a pan-European perspective for scholars and students from a wide range of disciplines. Originally established...
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    As U.S. ties with Asia become increasingly important and as East and Southeast Asian immigrants, many of whom are practicing Buddhists, come to rival other minorities in size and influence, the need grows for specialists...
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    The Center for Argentina, Chile, and the Southern Cone is dedicated to promoting research on an important region of Latin America, comprised of multiple nations, that shares many characteristics with the United States: climate and...
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